The Aftermath original recipe 2010

how to prepare the perfect Aftermath,


1 Alan oGallon
1 Michi
1 Sasha
1 Timo
1 Alex
and copius amounts of anger, politics, religion and social injustice.


Take 1 grumpy old man and remove from original west of England/Bristol enviroment, Place in a dark/damp cellar with 4 like
minded but fresher young local Wermelskirchen/DE lads, sprinkle lightly with guitars, bass and drums and add beer to
taste and leave to soak for between 6 months to one year slowly adding more beer at regular intervals!
when suitably saturated, toss lightly and pour gently onto the nearest stage and allow the complex smells and flavours

serving suggestion!

03.09.10 20 Jahre AJZ Bahndamm Wermelskirchen
25.03.11 Hamburg Lobusch
26.03.11 Lübeck VEB
18.06.11 Leverkusen KAW
23.07.11 Cuxhaven Bauwagenplatz
02.09.11 Hannover Kopernikus
08.10.11 Wermelskirchen AJZ Bahndamm with Police Bastard and Visions of war
03.02.12 Remscheid Kraftstation
28.04.12 Wuppertal Chili`s Hardcore Festival
06.06.12 Wermelskirchen AJZ Bahndamm
13.07.12 Köln Bauwagenplatz „Schöner Wohnen“
31.08.12 Hannover Kopernikus with Profit and murder
27.09.12 Wuppertal Autonomes Zentrum with Mordäre
24.11.12 Wermelskirchen AJZ Bahndamm
26.11.12 Leverkusen KAW
26.01.13 Wermelskirchen AJZ Bahndamm CD-Release
23.02.13 Hamburg Lobusch
24.02.13 Lübeck VEB
28.03.13 Bath England Bob Festival with Subhumans and Slime
30.04.13 Köln Schöner Wohnen
03.05.13 Lennep Die Welle
13.09.13 Wermelskirchen AJZ Bahndamm with Subhumans and Bad Influence

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